“Life is too short for overdubs”
-Zuchowski, 2009

One Room Studio

One Room Studio is a quality digital multitrack and full production facility in the greater Chicagoland area. On-site multitrack recording is also available for live performances. Please email for availability.  As dates fill quickly, early booking is highly recommended.  Rates vary depending on scope of instrumentation, number of sets, venue, etc..

Top Reason to Record at One Room Studio:

You will get an accurate, precise document of what your band sounds like.

Top Reason Not to Record at One Room Studio:

You will get an accurate, precise document of what your band sounds like.

NOTE: One Room Studio holds no affiliation and does not endorse views or causes associated with artists or their recorded works.

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The first official One Room Studio recordings were done in an apartment, using analog 4-track and 8-track recorders.  This is where Daver recorded his debut Four Songs 12″ vinyl EP, That Poison vinyl LP, Phil Angotti‘s Songs Without Riffs, and a demo for an early Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) band.

The early 1990s saw One Room Studio’s relocation to a larger space a few blocks away.  Daver also upgraded to the 16-track recorder that he still possesses, enabling him to transfer from tape to digital.  All material on Two Years of Being Singles and early work for Pop Art were recorded and produced here.  Other projects included releases for Big’n and U.S. Maple.

The next home of One Room Studio was where Daver completed the critically acclaimed Pop Art and Not the New Daver CD.  A host of local and Chicago bands were also recorded here, including Jeff Pezzatti‘s (Naked Raygun) band, The Bomb.

These days One Room Studio is comfortably settled into its fourth location, where Daver utilizes an array of digital techniques to record rock, punk, and pop bands.  His own recordings here have included various unreleased Daver singles, commercial work, The Marseilles Radar, and others.  One Room Studio has further expanded to include mobile multitrack recordings, focused primarily on Chicago and international jazz and experimental artists.