“Life is too short for overdubs”
-Zuchowski, 2009

Production & Engineering Credits

Feldman/Rempis/Daisy – Sirocco (2023, Aerophonic Records)
Luis Lopes Abyss Mirrors – Echoisms (2023, Clean Feed) 
Lytton/Vandermark – Distant Cousins (2023, Audiographic Records)
Rempis/Harnik/Lonbergholm/ Daisy – Earscratcher (2023, Aerophonic Records)

Rodrigo Amado – Refraction Solo – Live At Church Of The Holy Ghost (2022, Trost Records)
The Attic – Love Ghosts (2022, NoBusiness Records)
Bass Dreams Minus B- Bass Dreams Minus B (2022, FPE)
Big’n – DTS25 (2022, Computer Students)
Hocus – Narrow (2022, Colectivo Casa Amarela)
Lencastre Common Ground – Common Ground (2022, Phonogram Unit)
PEACHFUZZ – Peachinguinha (2022, Silent Water)
RedGreenBlue – The End And The Beginning (2022, Astral Spirits)
Rempis/Harnik/Zerang – Astragaloi (2022, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Ra- Bennu (2022, Astral Spirits)
Trzaska – Goats’ Ghost (2022, Kilogram Records)
Vandermark – Snapshots: Volume 4 | Poland (2022, Kilogram)

Amado Northern Liberties – We Are Electric (2021, Not Two Records)
Amado Motion Trio & Alexander von Schlippenbach- The Field (2021, NoBusiness Records)
Artifacts- …And Then There’s This (2021, Astral Spirits)
Bear/Lipman- Spiny Forests (2021, Self Release)
Diamond – Reflective Nostalgia (2021, Curio)
Diamond + Charles Rumback – We Stand (2021, Curio)
Furtado/Amend/Volkman-  Aforismos (2021, Phonogram Unit)
Kuzu- The Glass Delusion (2021, Astral Spirits)
Kuzu- All Your Ghosts In One Corner (2021, Aerophonic)
Lopes Lisbon Berlin Quartet- Sinister Hypnotization (2021, Clean Feed)
Lopes Love Song – Emmentes (2021, Shhpuma)
Maci Sica featuring Tatsu Aoki, Thymme Jones & Jacob Fawcett- Garland Of Heads (2021, Astral Spirits)
Mazzarella/Håker Flaten/Ra- What You Seek Is Seeking You (2021, Astral Spirits)
McPhee/Paulson/Labycz- The Mystery J (2021, Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Mitchell/Reed- The Ritual and the Dance (2021, Astral Spirits)
Pavone, The Tampa Quartet- Isabella (2021, Clean Feed)
Phillips/Drake – L’Avventura Di Vivere (2021, Lizard Breath)

Rempis/Reid/Abrams/Daisy/Damon- The Covid Tapes (2021, Aerophonic)
Rempis Percussion Quartet- Sud Des Alpes (2021, Aerophonic)
Smith/Ewart/Reed- Sun Beans of Shimmering Light (2021, Astra
l Spirits)
Stewart- Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet (2021, Astral Spirits)
Vandermark – Momentum 5 : Stammer (triptych) (2021, Audiographic)
Vandermark – Snapshots: Volume 1  | Japan (2021, Kilogram)                                                          

Vandermark – Snapshots: Volume 2 | Austria (2021, Kilogram)
Vandermark – Snapshots: Volume 3 | Brazil (2021, Kilogram)
Vandermark – The Field Within A Line (2021, Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Voltaic Trio – 290421 (2021, Phonogram Unit)
Williams – Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 5 (2021, Soul What Records; 2021, Astral Spirits)

AAVD Trio- Anti Glow (2020, Orb)
Abrams/Damon/Graham/Mendoza- Sometimes There Were Four (2020, self-released)
Baker/Hunt/Erb- Baker-Hunt-Erb (2020, Veto)
Ballister- Znachki Stilyag (2020, Aerophonic)
Bishop/McBride/Daisy- Alive at The Hideout (2020, Relay)
Blonk/Mallozzi/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2f (2020, Audiographic)
Blonk/Mallozzi/Vandermark- Jaap Blonk, Lou Mallozzi, & Ken Vandermark (2020, Kontrans)
Daisy- Room to Breathe (2020, Relay)
Daisy/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2a (2020, Audiographic)
Dorji/Damon- To Catch a Bird in a Net of Wind (2020, Trost)
Eberhard/Rempis/Kessler/Reed- Exposure (2020, Aeroophonic
Engines, The- Wooden Legs (2020, Aerophonic)
Foster/Rempis/Roebke/Damon- The Eagle (2020, Aerophonic)
Genetti/Rousay- Live at Elastic Arts (2020, Astral Editions)
Heaven Orchestra- Live in Chicago 2013 (2020, Aerophonic)
Johnson/Rempis/Abrams/Spencer/Cunningham- Harmattan (2020, Aerophonic)
Kurzmann/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2e (2020, Audiographic; 2020, Systems Vs. Artifacts)
Kuzu- Purple Dark Opal (2020, Aerophonic)
Lencastre/Nuno/Zenicola/Valinho- Anthropic Neglect (2020, Clean Feed)
Lonberg-Holm/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2d (2020, Audiographic)
Mako Sica/Drake- Balancing Tear (2020, Astral Spirits)
McPhee/Rempis/Reid/Lopez/Nilssen-Love- Of Things Beyond Thule Vol. 1 (2020, Aerophonic)
McPhee/Rempis/Reid/Lopez/Nilssen-Love- Of Things Beyond Thule Vol. 2 (2020, Aerophonic)
Mori/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2c (2020, Audiographic)
Morris/Vandermark- Consequent Duos: Series 2b (2020, Audiographic)
Noel Omega- Change Has Come for the 3 Kings Who Lit the Tiny Candles (2020, Soul What; 2020, Astral Spirits)
Phillips- Shapes of Things (2020, Lizard Breath)
Piet- Tobacco Monogamy (2020, self-released)
Rempis- Scratch and Sniff (2020, Catalytic Sound)
Rempis/Daisy- Live at the Elastic Arts Foundation (2013) (2020, Relay)
Rempis/Ex/Daisy- Sugar Shack (2020, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Parker/Haker Flaten/Cunningham- Stringers & Struts (2020, Aerophonic)
Rempis Percussion Quartet- The Long Haul (2020, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Rosaly Duo- Codes/Myths (2020, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Williams Duo- Hornithology (2020, Aerophonic)
Restroy- Sketches (2020, Eyes & Ears)
Stewart- Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet (2020, Astral Spirits)
Stirrup+6- The Avondale Addition (2020, Cuneiform)
Testa- Sway Prototypes: Volume 3 (2020, self-released)
Williams- Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 4: Chicago Vs N.Y.C. (2020, Soul What)

Bennett/Houston/Lonberg-Holm- Pinkie No (2019, Notice)
Billington/Shippy/Wyche- The Eventual Warp Cat ‎(2019, No Index)
Bishop Flex Quartet- Re-Collect (2019, Not Two)
Boneshaker- Fake Music ‎(2019, Soul What)
Daisy/Rosaly – Northern Duets (2019, Catalytic Sound)
Daisy’s Vox 4 – Roman Poems (2019, Relay)
DKV Trio/McPhee- The Fire Each Time ‎(2019, Not Two)
Entr’Acte- Soigne Ta Droite (2019, Audiographic)
Few, The- Beauty at Low Temperatures ‎(2019, Two Cities)
From Wolves To Whales-Dead Leaves Drop (2019, Dropa Disc)
From Wolves To Whales- Strandwal ‎(2019, Aerophonic)
Hall/Morris/Vandermark – Dimensional Stack Up (2019, Catalytic Artist Album)
Heart Of The Ghost – Live In Chicago (2019, Catalytic Sound)
Kobra Quartet- Kobra Quartet ‎(2019, Astral Spirits; 2019, Monofonus Press)
Marker- New Industries ‎(2019, Audiographic)
Mazzarella Trio- Counterbalance ‎(2019, Astral Spirits; 2019, Monofonus Press;
2019, Spacetone)
Metamatic Percussion Trio-7 Situations (2019, Relay)
Nuno/Alexis/Vieira-Branco/Cab- Jorge Nuno Connection ‎(2019, Creative Sources; 2019, Big Papa)
Phillips Trio- Sound Energy in Space (2019, Lizard Breath)
Phillips Quartet- Light At Depth ‎(2019, Lizard Breath)
Quartet Next- Dutiful Dissent (2019, Lizard Breath)
Reid Quartet- Old New ‎(2019, Cuneiform)
Rempis/Abrams/Ra/Baker- Apsis (2019, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Lopez/Packard- The Early Bird Gets ‎(2019, Aerophonic)
Rumback/Baker/Singleton/Ward- Cadillac Turns ‎(2019, Monofonus Press;
2019, Astral Spirits)
Vandermark– Momentum 4 (2019, Audiographic)
Vandermark- Unexpected Alchemy (2019, Not Two)
Vandermark/Nilssen-Love- AMR (2019, No Label)
Weinberg/Fraser/Damon- Foment (2019, Amalgam)

Black Diamond – Chant ‎(2018, Shifting Paradigm)
Caffeine – Caffeine Redux ‎(2018, Catalytic Sound)
Carroll & Trumpet Summit- In Stride We Keep Steppin’ (2018, self-released)
Chin- Three Burials (2018, New Focus)
Daisy – Configurations ‎(2018, Relay)
Daisy’s Fulcrum Ensemble- Animation (2018, Relay)
Foster/Zerang/Young- Bind the Hand(s) That Feed (2018, Relative Pitch)
Jackson/Baker/Kirshner- The Noisy Miner (2018, Astral Spirits)
Johnson- Headlands (2018, Woolgathering)
J@K@L- After a Few Days (2018, self-released)
Kuzu- Hiljaisuus (2018, Astral Spirits)
Marker- Roadwork 1/Roadwork 2/Homework 1 (2018, Audiographic)
McPhee, Trzaska – More Intimate Conversation ‎(2018, Kilogram)
Mitchell & Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra- Ride the Wind (2018, Nessa)
Phillips Trio- Divergent Flow (2018, Lizard Breath)
Piet- City in a Garden (2018, ears&eyes)
Piet & His Disorganization- Rummage Out (2018, Clean Feed)
Rempis/Daisy Duo & Guests- Dodecahedron (2018, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Piet/Daisy- Throw Tomatoes (2018, Astral Spirits)
Rempis/Reid/Abrams- Ithra (2018, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Stadhouders/Rosaly- Icoci (2018, Aerophonic)
Spectral- Empty Castles (2018, Aerophonic)
Vergara/Lonberg-Holm/Zarzutzki- Five Arias for Nalca (2018, Inexhaustible Editions)
Williams- An Ayler Xmas Volume 2 (2018, Soul What)

Ballister- Low Level Stink (2017, Dropa Disc)
Ballister- Slag (2017, Aerophonic)
Billington/Shippy/Wyche- Billington/Shippy/Wyche (2017, Astral Spirits)
Boneshaker- Thinking Out Loud (2017, Trost)
DEK Trio- Construct 1: Stone (2017, Catalytic Sound)
DEK Trio- Construct 2:  Artfacts (2017, Catalytic Sound)
DEK Trio- Construct 3: Divadlo 29 (2017, Catalytic Sound)
DKV Trio- Latitude 41.88 (2017, Not Two)
Freeman-Allemana Organ Quartet- Live at the Green Mill (2017, Ears & Eyes)
Jackson/Hunt- The Long Song (2017, 1980 Records)
Johnston/Daisy – Crossing Belmont (2017, Relay Recordings)
Matchess – October 13, 2016 (2017, self relesed)
Mazzarella/Reid- Signaling (2017, Nessa)
Meridian Trio- Triangulum (2017, Clean Feed)
Mitchell- Bells for the South Side (2017, ECM)
Piet/Giallorenzo- Wood, Wire, and Steel (2017, self-released)
Piet Trio- At the Hungry Brain (2017, self-released)
Piet Trio- Live at Elastic Arts (2017, self-released)
Proyecto Libre- Freedom (2017, Amadeo)
Reed- Flesh & Bone (2017, 482 Music)
Rempis- Lattice (2017, Aerophonic)
Rempis Percussion Quartet- Cochonnerie (2017, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Piet/Daisy- Hit the Ground Running (2017, Aerophonic)
Tipple- Live at Elastic Arts (2017, FMR)
Trio WAZ- that’s what it (2017, Asian Improv)
Urge Trio, The- Live At the Hungry Brain (2017, Veto)
Vandermark/Wooley/Stadhouders/Heather- Shelter (2017, Audiographic)
Weinberg/Kirchen/Kirshner- Whip the Apron (2017, self-released)
Wihuba- “Don’t mind me, I’m just everywhere, always,” said the basilisk, unreassuringly…
(2017, Wihuba)
Williams- Mars Williams Presents an Ayler Xmas (2017, Soul What)
Williams​/​Gray​/​Corsano – Live at Elastic 2​/​2​/​12 (2017, Elastic Arts)

Anker/Lonberg-Holm & Jackson/Serries- Two Duos (2016, Astral Spirits)
Daisy’s Celebration Sextet- The Halfway There Suite (2016, Relay Recordings)
DKV Trio/The Thing- Collider (2016, Not Two)
Few, The- Fragments of a Luxury Vessel (2016, Two Cities)
Fragile Quartet- Live in Chicago (2016, Ramboy)
Gunwale- Polynya (2016, Aerophonic)
Jackson/Baker/Kirshner- The Noisy Miner (2016, Astral Spirits)
J@K@L w/Michael Attias- Static Adieu (2016, 1980 Records)
McPhee/Haker Flaten- Bricktop (2016, Trost)
Proyecto Libre- Chicago Jazz String Summit (2016, self-released)
Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker- Perihelion (2016, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Harnik/Zerang- Wistfully (2016, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Morris/Reid/Baker- Nettles (2016, Aerophonic)
Vandermark/Various- Momentum 1: Stone (2016, Audiographic)

Wyche- Our Severed Sleep (2016, Eh?)

Audio One- What Thomas Bernhard Saw (2015, Audiographic)
Ballister- Worse for the Wear (2015, Aerophonic)
Chicago Reed Quartet- Western Automatic (2015, Aerophonic)
Engines, The- Green Knights (2015, Aerophonic)
Gjerstad Trio- At Constellation (2015, Circulasione)
Haker Flaten/Mazzarella/Ra- Azimuth (Live at Constellation) (2015, Astral Spirits)
Lonberg-Holm/Vandermark- Resistance (2015, Bocian)
Mitchell Quartet- Celebrating Fred Anderson (2015, Nessa)
Mitchell/Reed/Reid- Artifacts (2015, 482 Music)
Nilssen-Love/McPhee- Candy (2015, PNL)
Nilssen-Love/Vandermark- The Lions Have Eaten One of the Guards (2015, Audiographic)
Reed’s People, Places & Things- A New Kind of Dance (2015, 482 Music)
Reid Quartet- Tomeka Reid Quartet (2015, Thirsty Ear)
Rempis Percussion Quartet- Cash and Carry (2015, Aerophonic)
Shofar- Gold of Malkinia (2015, Kilogram)
Survival Unit III- Straylight (2015, Pink Palace)
Vandermark- Site Specific (2015, Audiographic)
Vandermark/Wooley- All Directions Home (2015, Audiographic)

Various- Nine/Two (2015, Constellation Chicago)
Wooley/Rempis/Niggenkemper/Corsano- From Wolves to Whales (2015,  Aerophonic)
Zerang & The Blue Lights- Hash Eaters and Peacekeepers (2015, Pink Palace)
Zerang & The Blue Lights- Songs From the Big Book of Love (2015, Pink Palace)

Audio One- An International Report (2014, Audiographic)
Audio One- The Midwest School (2014, Audiographic)
Baker/Ritch- Articular Facet 5.3 (2014, Pan y Rosas)
Boneshaker- Unusual Words (2014, Soul What)
Dikeman- The Double Trio (2014, Astral Spirits)
DKV Trio- Sound In Motion In Sound (2014, Not Two)
Grykes- Sixspot Burnet (2014, Pan y Rosas)
Gustafsson- Torturing the Saxophone (2014, Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Karris/Price- At Articular Facet (2014, Pan y Rosas)
Lightbox Orchestra- The Drummers (2014, Lonberg-Holm)
maoƟ – Forked Architecture (2014, Pan y Rosas)
Mazurek- Mother Ode (2014, Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Sonic Street Chicago (2014, Corbett vs. Dempsey)

Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet- Afterimage (2014, Driff)
Rempis/Johnston/Ochs- Spectral (2014, Aerophonic)
Vandermark- Nine Ways to Read a Bridge (2014, Not Two)
Vandermark/Nilssen-Love- Extended Duos (2014, PNL/Audiographic)
andermark/Wooley- East By Northwest (2014, Pleasure of the Text/Audiographic)
Various- Language Lessons: Volume 1 (2014, Third Man)

Baker/Gregorio/Thieke/Zerang- Sack of Rice (2013, Peira)
Gustafsson/Vandermark- Verses (2013, Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Hoff/Trzaska/Zerang- Sleepless in Chicago (2013, NoBusiness)
Inner Ear- Return From the Center of the Earth (2013, Bocian)
Rempis/Abrams/Ra- Aphelion (2013, Aerophonic)
Rempis/Daisy Duo- Second Spring (2013, Aerophonic)
Rempis Percussion Quartet- Phalanx (2013, Aerophonic)
Ballister- Mechanisms (2012, Clean Feed)
Bishop/Blonk/Mallozzi/Rosaly- At the Hideout (2012, Kontrans)
DKV Trio- Past Present (2012, NotTwo)
Lytton/Mori/Vandermark/Wooley- The Nows (2012, Clean Feed)
Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi- Live at The Hungry Brain (2011, Family Vineyard)
Big’n- Dying Breed (2011, African Tape)
Vandermark/Daisy- The Conversation (2011, Multikulti)
Ballister- Bastard String (2010, PNL)
Pardo- Pompous Clown (2005, Jimishooter)


Angotti, T.- Mirror (2001, self-released)
Pardo- Uno (2001, Jimshooter)

Bomb, The- Torch Songs (2000, Jettison)
Magnetic Curses Compilation [The Bomb]- Can Jeannie Come Out Tonight? (2000, Thick)

Modern Relics, The- Phonograph (1998, Modern Relic)


Oval-Teen- Junior Miss/ Say What You Mean (1997, Debris)
Pets or Meat- Hands & Glands/ NME  (1997, Debris)

Big’n- T.N.T. (1996, Skin Graft)

Oval-Teen- Show Me Around/ If There’s a God (1995, Debris)

Big’n- Dirt Farmer (1993, Spontaneous Combustion)
Big’n- Musket/ Tight One (1993, Spontaneous Combustion)

Big’n- King Hot Pants/ Maggie Gives (1992, Ratfish)

Angotti, P.- Songs Without Riffs (1986, self-released)