February 2012

02.01.2012-  Lightbox Orchestra

Recorded the Lightbox Orchestra at The Hideout in Chicago.  Fred Lonberg-Holm conducted the latest installment of his ensemble, featuring:
Fred Lonberg-Holm (conductor)
Joshua Abrams (bass)
Jaimie Branch (trumpet)
Steve Hunt (drums)
Keefe Jackson (reeds)
Tomeka Reid (cello)
Dave Rempis (sax)
Jason Roebke (bass)
Frank Rosaly (drums)
Mars Williams (sax)
Aaron Zarzutzki (electronics)

02.02.2012-  Corsano, Gray, Williams

Recorded the trio of Chris Corsano (percussion), Darin Gray (bass), and Mars Williams (sax/autoharp) at Elastic in Chicago. 

02.05.2012-  Corsano, Zerang

At The Hungry Brain, recorded the first time that Chris Corsano and Michael Zerang (both percussionists) played together.

02.05.2012-  Abrams, Gray, Rempis

Recorded Joshua Abrams (bass), Darin Gray (bass), and Dave Rempis (sax) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago. 

02.05.2012-  Abrams, Corsano, Gray, Rempis, Zerang

Recorded the quartet of Joshua Abrams (bass), Chris Corsano (percussion), Darin Gray (bass), Dave Rempis (sax), and Michael Zerang (percussion) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago.

02.12.2012-  Death and Memphis

Recorded Death and Memphis (Paul Garcia-drums/bass/vocals and Steev Custer-guitar) in Joliet, IL.