May 2013

05.06.2013-  Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Recorded two sets of Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Jim Baker-piano/synthesizer, Steve Hunt-percussion, Brian Sandstrom-bass/trumpet/electric guitar, Mars Williams-reeds/zither) at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. 

05.08.2013-  Abrams, Baker, Rempis, Zerang

Recorded two sets of the quartet of Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer/viola), Dave Rempis (reeds), and Michael Zerang (percussion) at The Hideout in Chicago.

05.15.2013-  Mazzarella Quartet

Recorded two sets of the Nick Mazzarella Quartet (Joshua Abrams-bass, Jim Baker-piano, Steve Hunt-drums, Nick Mazzarella-alto sax) at The Hideout in Chicago.

05.16.2013-  Daisy, Rempis

Recorded the Chicago stop of the Tim Daisy (percussion) and Dave Rempis (reeds) duo Midwest tour at Elastic. 

05.22.2013-  Baker

Recorded Jim Baker as a solo set at The Hideout in Chicago.

05.22.2013-  NRG Ensemble

Recorded the NRG Ensemble (Jim Baker-piano/ARP, Steve Hunt-drums, Kent Kessler-bass, Avreeayl Ra-percussion, Dave Rempis-reeds, Brian Sandstrom-bass/electric guitar/trumpet, Mars Williams-reeds) at The Hideout in Chicago.

05.24.2013-  Abrams, Ra, Rempis

Recorded two sets of Joshua Abrams (bass, guimbri), Avreeayl Ra (percussion), and Dave Rempis (reeds) at Constellation in Chicago.