August 2013

08.01.2013-  Ra & Guests

Recorded two extended sets of Avreeayl Ra and guests at Elastic in Chicago.  Musicians included:
Harrison Bankhead- bass
Elbio Barilari- guitar
Alex Duvel- sitar/tablas
Rob Mazurek- cornet
Julia Miller- guitar/electronics
Avreeayl Ra- percussion/flute
Ed Wilkerson- reeds/digeridoo

08.07.2013-  Morris

Recorded a solo set by Joe Morris (guitar) at The Hideout in Chicago.

08.07.2013-  Bankhead, Morris, Zerang

Recorded a set by Harrison Bankhead (bass), Joe Morris (guitar), and Michael Zerang (percussion) at The Hideout in Chicago.

08.08.2013- Morris, Vandermark

Recorded Joe Morris (guitar) and Ken Vandermark (reeds) at Elastic in Chicago. 

08.08.2013-  Baker, Morris, Reid, Rempis

Recorded the quartet of Jim Baker (piano), Joe Morris (guitar), Tomeka Reid (cello), and Dave Rempis (reeds) at Elastic in Chicago.

08.09.2013-  Morris

Recorded a set by Joe Morris (guitar) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee. 

08.09.2013-  Daisy, Morris, Vandermark

Recorded a set by Tim Daisy (percussion), Joe Morris (guitar), and Ken Vandermark at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.

08.10.2013- Abrams, Boykin, Morris

Recorded the trio of Joshua Abrams (bass/guimbri), David Boykin (bass clarinet), and Joe Morris (guitar) at Constellation in Chicago.

08.14.2013-  Zerang & The Blue Lights

Recorded two sets of Michael Zerang’s Blue Lights (Michael Zerang-percussion/compositions, Josh Berman-cornet, Kent Kessler-bass, Dave Rempis-saxes, Mars Williams-saxes) at the Hideout in Chicago. 

08.17.2013-  Mazzarella

Recorded a solo set by Nick Mazzarella (sax/bells) at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago.

08.18.2013-  The Margots

Recorded Adrienne Pierluissi’s project The Margots (Adrienne Pierluissi-vocals, Tim Daisy-percussion, John Dereszynski-guitars, Nick Macri-electric bass, Rick Reger-keyboards, Ken Vandermark-reeds) at The Hideout in Chicago. 

08.25.2013- Johnston, Ochs, Rempis

Recorded a set of Darren Johnston (trumpet), Larry Ochs (reeds), and Dave Rempis (saxes) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago. 

08.25.2013-  Drake, Johnston, Ochs, Zerang

Recorded a set featuring the hand drum duo of Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang with Darren Johnston (trumpet) and Larry Ochs (reeds) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago. 

08.26.2013-  Baker

Recorded Jim Baker in a solo set on grand piano at PianoForte in Chicago.