January 2014

01.19.2014-  Ra Dream Stuff

Recorded two sets of Avreeayl Ra Dream Stuff at The Hungry Brain in Chicago, featuring
Avreeayl Ra (percussion/flute/harmonica), Jim Baker (piano/viola), Harrison Bankhead (bass), Elbio Barilari (guitar), Alex Duvel (sitar/tablas), Rob Mazurek (trumpet), Julia Miller (guitar), and Edward Wilkerson (reeds/didgeridoo).

01.24.2014-  Daisy, Johnson, Lonberg-Holm, Vandermark

Recorded two sets of the quartet of Tim Daisy (percussion), Russ Johnson (trumpet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), and Ken Vandermark (reeds) at Constellation in Chicago. 

01.28.2014-  Zerang & The Blue Lights

Recorded two sets of compositions of Michael Zerang and The Blue Lights (Michael Zerang-percussion, Josh Berman-cornet, Kent Kessler-bass, Dave Rempis-saxes, Mars Williams-saxes) at Bar Deville in Chicago. 

01.29.2014-  Abrams, Ra, Rempis

Recorded two sets at the trio’s (Joshua Abrams-bass/guimbri, Avreeayl Ra-percussion/flute, Dave Rempis-saxes) release party for Aphelion at The Hideout in Chicago. 

01.30.2014-  Hearts and Minds

Recorded two sets of Hearts and Minds (Paul Giallorenzo-electric keyboards, Frank Rosaly-percussion/electronics, Jason Stein-bass clarinet) at Elastic in Chicago. 

01.31.2014-  Audio One

Recorded three sets of Ken Vandermark’s Audio One (Ken Vandermark-arrangements/compositions/reeds, Jason Adasiewicz-vibes, Jeb Bishop-trombone, Josh Berman-cornet, Tim Daisy-percussion, Nick Macri-electric bass/upright bass, Nick Mazzarella-alto sax, Jen Paulson-viola, Dave Rempis-saxes, Mars Williams-reeds)  at The Green Mill in Chicago.