March 2014

03.01.2014-  Ewart, Reed, Smith

Recorded two sets of the trio of Douglas Ewart (reeds/flutes/didgeridoo), Mike Reed (percussion), and Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) at Constellation in Chicago. 

03.06.2014-  Mazzarella

Recorded a solo set by Nick Mazzarella (sax/percussion) at Elastic in Chicago. 

03.06.2014-  Clinkman, Taylor

Recorded one set of Andrew Clinkman (guitar) and Nigel Taylor (trumpet) at Elastic in Chicago. 

03.08.2014-  Ernst, Green, Laurenzi

Recorded one set of Katie Ernst (bass/vocals), Andrew Green (percussion), and Dustin Laurenzi (tenor sax) at Constellation in Chicago.

03.08.2014-  Mazzarella Trio

Recorded one set of the Nick Mazzarella Trio (Nick Mazzarella-sax, Anton Hatwich-bass, Frank Rosaly-percussion) at Constellation in Chicago.

03.13.2014-  Loose Booty

Recorded the entire Loose Booty program in the Rubloff Auditorium, as a companion to the Christopher Wool exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  First segment: film Street by James Nare, with live soundtrack provided by Thurston Moore (guitar).  Second segment: Richard Hell reading from his biography, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp.  Third segment: Milford Graves (percussion/vocal) and Joe McPhee (sax).

03.21.2014-  Dissecting Norton

Recorded an improvised opera at the MIC Sherman Theater in Evanston, IL.  Dissecting Adam (Julia Miller) and I, Norton (Gino Robair) were performed by a company of about twenty-five musicians and vocalists. 

03.28.2014-  Ballister

Recorded one set of Ballister (Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello/electric guitar, Paal Nilssen-Love-percussion, Dave Rempis-saxes) at Constellation in Chicago.