March 2015

03.08.2015-  Mocrep

Recorded four pieces of contemporary composers performed by various members of Mocrep at Constellation in Chicago. 

03.08.2015-  Packard, Wyche

Recorded a scored piece by Daniel Wyche (guitar, electronics), performed with Ryan Packard (percussion) at Constellation in Chicago.

03.10.2015-  Zerang & The Blue Lights

Recorded two sets of Michael Zerang & The Blue Lights (Josh Berman-cornet, Kent Kessler-bass, Dave Rempis-reeds, Mars Williams-reeds, Michael Zerang-percussion) at The Whistler in Chicago. 

03.12.2015-  Gillan’s Many Blessings

Recorded one set of Lucas Gillan’s Many Blessings (Quentin Coaxum-trumpet, Lucas Gillan-drums/compositions, Jim Schram-tenor sax, Daniel Thatcher-bass) at Constellation in Chicago. 

03.12.2015-  Daneman Quartet

Recorded one set of the Benje Daneman Quartet (Rob Clearfield-piano, Benje Daneman-trumpet/flugelhorn/compositions, Jon Deitemyer-drums, Andrew Vogt-bass) at Constellation in Chicago. 

03.19.2015-  Ten x Ten

Recorded the formal session of Ten x Ten at the new and improved Elastic in Chicago.  Ten artists again collaborated with ten musicians/composers, with the ultimate goal of releasing a record/book compilation.  Artists were: Salvador Andrade Arévalo, Jerome Bryerton, Uriel Correa, Rob Funderburk, Trevor Goosen, Andrew Holmquist, Hannah Ireland, Vesna Jovanovic, Alexander Stewart, and Cynthia Weiss.  Musicians were: Josh Berman (cornet), Paul Giallorenzo (piano), Anton Hatwich (bass), Keefe Jackson (reeds), Peter Maunu (strings), Eli Namay (bass), Ryan Packard (vibes/percussion), Cameron Pfiffner (reeds/flute), Jason Stein (reeds), and Phil Sudderberg (drums).

03.22.2015-  Abrams, Baker, Ra

Recorded two sets of the trio of Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (keyboard/ARP), and Avreeayl Ra (percussion/flute) at The Owl in Chicago. 

03.27.2015-  Davis, Mitchell, Paul, Reid

As part of the 5th Annual Fred Anderson Birthday Celebration, I recorded an extended set of the quartet of Vincent Davis (percussion), Roscoe Mitchell (reeds/flute), Junius Paul (bass/percussion), and Tomeka Reid (cello) at Constellation in Chicago. 

03.29.2015-  Abrams, Baker, Ra

Recorded a set by the trio of Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (keyboard/ARP), and Avreeayl Ra (percussion/flute) at The Owl in Chicago. 

03.29.2015-  Abrams, Baker, Ra, Sanders

Recorded a set by the quartet of Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (keyboard/ARP), Avreeayl Ra (percussion/flute), and James Sanders (violin) at The Owl in Chicago.