November 2015

11.01.2015-  Fonema Consort

Recorded the full performance of Fonema Consort’s “After Interventions”, conducted by David Cubek as part of the Frequency Series.  Members included Emily Beisel (clarinet), Dalia Chin (flute), Nathalie Colas (soprano), Nina Dante (soprano), Jake Harpster (percussion), Lisa Kohl (cello), Shawn Lucas (electric guitar), Zach Moore (bass), Chris Narloch (piano), Weston Olencki (trombone), Ryan Packard (percussion), Jeffrey Siegfried (sax), and Ann Yi (piano).

11.05.2015-  Baker, Jackson, Kirshner

Recorded a set by Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Keefe Jackson (reeds), and Julian Kirshner (drums) at Constellation in Chicago.

11.08.2015-  Today’s Hits

Recorded two sets of James Swanberg’s band Today’s Hits at The Whistler in Chicago.

11.09.2015-  Bankhead, Pfiffner

Recorded a set by Harrison Bankhead (bass/cello) and Cameron Pfiffner (reeds/flute) at Elastic in Chicago.

11.09.2015-  Duboc, Kleijn

Recorded a set by Benjamin Duboc (bass) and Katinka Kleijn (cello) at Elastic in Chicago.

11.09.2015-  Drake, Mazzarella

Recorded a set by Hamid Drake (percussion) and Nick Mazzarella (sax) at Elastic in Chicago.

11.11.2015-  McCraven, Parish

Recorded two sets by drummer Makaya McCraven and guitarist Shane Parish at The Whistler in Chicago.

11.14.2015-  Jazz Occurrence 8

Recorded both sets of Lewis Achenbach’s Jazz Occurrence 8, featuring Open Forum Project (Marcus Evans-drums, Russ Johnson-trumpet, Dave Miller-guitar, Chris Weller-sax, Albert Wildeman-bass) at Fulton Street Collective in Chicago.  

11.19.2015-  Baker, McPhee

Recorded two sets of Jim Baker (piano) and Joe McPhee (reeds) at Constellation in Chicago.

11.19.2015-  Twin Talk

Recorded a set by Twin Talk (Katie Ernst-bass/vocals, Andrew Green-percussion, Dustin Laurenzi-sax) at Constellation in Chicago.

11.20.2015-  Reed’s Flesh and Bone

Recorded the full premier performance of Mike Reed’s “Flesh and Bone”, a composition reflecting on matters of race and identity, as inspired by his band’s encounter with a neo-Nazi riot in Europe in 2009.  The concert was documented at the Art Institute in Chicago, featuring Mike Reed (drums/compositions), Kevin Coval (spoken text), Ben LaMar Gay (cornet), Tim Haldeman (tenor sax), Jason Roebke (bass), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Marvin Tate (spoken text), and Greg Ward (alto sax).

11.22.2015-  Fresh Killz

Recorded two sets of Fresh Killz (Paul Giallorenzo-keyboards, Mike Hartman-electronics, Theo Katsaounis-drums, Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello/guitar) at The Owl in Chicago.