August 2016

08.04.2016-  Abrams, Baker, Nakatani

Recorded two sets by Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), and Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) at Elastic in Chicago.

08.05.2016-  Bishop, Daisy, Pabian, Phillips

Recorded a studio session with Jeb Bishop (trombone), Tim Daisy (percussion), Krzysztof Pabian (bass), and Dan Phillips (electric guitar) at Elastic in Chicago.  

08.10.2016-  Kmang Kmang, Open Source String Quartet

Recorded three sets by Kmang Kmang (Barmey Ung-guitar & guests) and Open Source String Quartet (Hannah Barton-violin, Nora Barton-cello, Tim Hager-viola, Sam Sharp-violin) as part of the Stars Align series at The Whistler in Chicago.

08.21.2016-  Vandermark, Barnes, Macri, Mallozzi, Williams

Recorded the “Momentum 3”, composed by Ken Vandermark (reeds), featuring Tim Barnes (percussion), Nick Macri (bass), Lou Mallozzi (electronics), and Mars Williams (reeds/zither/toys) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.