February 2016

02.07.2016-  Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Recorded two sets of Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Jim Baker-piano/synthesizer/viola, Steve Hunt-percussion, Brain Sandstrom-bass/guitar/trumpet, Mars Williams-reeds/toys) tat The Owl in Chicago.

02.10.2016-  Dellacroce, Gonzalez

Recorded two sets by Nick Dellacroce (guitar- of Bongripper) and Omar Gonzalez (drums- of Rectal Hygienics) at The Whistler in Chicago.

02.14.2016-  Baker, Kessler, Lonberg-Holm, Zerang

Recorded two sets featuring Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Kent Kessler (bass), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello/electric guitar), and Michael Zerang (drums). 

02.18.2016-  Carroll, Schmidt-Swartz, Wildeman

Recorded a set by Matt Carroll (drums), Ben Schmidt-Swartz (saxes), and Albert Wildeman at Elastic in Chicago. 

02.18.2016-  Hatwich, Jackson, Sudderberg

Recorded a set by Anton Hatwich (bass), Keefe Jackson (reeds), and Phil Sudderberg (percussion) at Elastic in Chicago. 

02.21.2016-  Baker, Hunt, Wilkerson

Recorded two sets featuring Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer/viola), Steve Hunt (percussion), and Edward Wilkerson (reeds/oud/didgeridoo) at The Owl in Chicago.

02.22.2016-  Daisy, Johnson, Rempis, Weber

Recorded two sets by Tim Daisy (percussion), Russ Johnson (trumpets), Dave Rempis (saxes), and Christian Weber (bass) at Elastic in Chicago. 

02.24.2016-  Fonema Consort

Recorded the full performance by Fonema Consort, conducted by Pablo Chin, at the Bond Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. 

02.28.2016-  Baker, Maunu, Ra, Roebke

Recorded a set by the quartet of Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Peter Maunu (electric guitar/electric mandolin/violin), Avreeayl Ra (drums), and Jason Roebke (bass) at The Owl in Chicago. 

02.28.2016-  Baker, Genetti, Maunu, Ra, Roebke

Recorded two sets at The Owl in Chicago with a quintet performance by Jim (piano/synthesizer), Carol Genetti (vocals), Peter Maunu (electric guitar/electric mandolin/violin), Avreeayl Ra (drums), and Jason Roebke (bass).