June 2016

06.03.2016-  Daisy, Johnston, Reid

Recorded a house concert featuring Tim Daisy (percussion/effects), Darren Johnston (trumpet), and Tomeka Reid (cello) in Chicago. 

06.05.2016-  Drake, Johnston, Rempis

Recorded two sets by Hamid Drake (drums), Darren Johnston (trumpet), and Dave Rempis (saxes) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago. 

06.08.2016-  Stewart, Sun Speak

Recorded two sets by Macie Stewart (violin/keyboard) and Sun Speak (Nate Friedman-drums, Matt Gold-guitar) at The Whistler in Chicago, as part of the Stars Align Series. 

06.19.2016-  Coleman 4tet

Recorded two sets of the Anthony Coleman 4tet, featuring Anthony Coleman (piano), Keefe Jackson (reeds), Julian Kirshner (drums), and Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) at Elastic in Chicago.