December 2016

12.01.2016-  Piet

Recorded a solo set by Matt Piet (piano) at Elastic in Chicago.

12.01.2016-  Lazenby Group

Recorded a set by the Atticus Lazenby Group (Atticus Lazenby-electric bass/compositions, Corbin Andrick-woodwinds, Rob Fletcher-drums, Drew Hansen-trumpet, Sam Mosching-guitar, Jeff Swanson-guitar) at Elastic in Chicago.

12.04.2016-  Billington, Shippy, Wyche

Recorded a studio session with Ben Billington (drums), Mark Shippy (guitar), and Daniel Wyche (guitar/electronics) at Elastic in Chicago.

12.08.2016-  Lonberg-Holm, Porales, Zarzutzki

Recorded a studio session with Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Benjamin Vergara Porales (trumpet), and Aaron Zarzutzki (electronics) at Elastic in Chicago. 

12.08.2016-  Porales, Zerang

Recorded a set by Benjamin Vergara Porales (trumpet) and Michael Zerang (drums) at Elastic in Chicago. 

12.14.2016-  Daisy, Pabian, Phillips

Recorded a studio session with Tim Daisy (percussion), Krzysztof Pabian (bass), and Dan Phillips (electric guitar) at Elastic in Chicago.

12.14.2016-  R34L, Lane

Recorded three sets by R34L and Lane at The Whistler in Chicago, as part of the Stars Align series.

12.15.2016-  Abrams, Baker, Rempis

Recorded a set by Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), and Dave Rempis (reeds) at Elastic in Chicago. 

12.15.2016-  Abrams, Baker, Ra, Rempis

Recorded a set at Elastic in Chicago, with Joshua Abrams (bass), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Avreeayl Ra (percussion), and Dave Rempis.

12.17.2016-  The Few

Recorded two sets at the record release party for The Few (Charlie Kirchen-bass, Steve Marquette-guitar, Macie Stewart-violin/voice) at Constellation in Chicago.

12.18.2016-  Williams’ Ayler Christmas

Set a new record for coldest gig (wind chill -30 degrees F) when I recorded two sets of Mars Williams’ annual Albert Ayler Christmas, featuring Mars Williams (reeds/toys/arrangements/cookie connections), Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer/viola), Josh Berman (cornet), Steve Hunt (drums), Kent Kessler (bass), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Brian Sandstrom, (bass/guitar/trumpet) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago.

12.21.2016-  Shalabi, Zerang

Recorded the first set of the evening Solstice concert event at Constellation in Chicago, featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar/oud) and Michael Zerang (percussion). 

12.21.2016-  Abrams, Adasiewicz, Alvarado, Brown, Drake

Recorded another set of the Solstice event, featuring Joshua Abrams (bass/guimbri), Jason Adasiewicz (vibes), Lisa Alvarado (harmonium), Ari Brown (reeds/piano), Hamid Drake (percussion), and a guest vocalist at Constellation in Chicago. 

12.22.2016-  Four Drummers Drumming

Opened the second evening of the Solstice event by recording percussionists Hamid Drake, Avreeayl Ra, Mike Reed, and Michael Zerang in a quartet at Constellation in Chicago.

12.22.2016-  Aoki, Drake, Mazzarella, Phillips, Ra, Reed, Williams, Zerang 

Closed out the Solstice concerts by recording Tatsu Aoki (bass), Hamid Drake (percussion), Nick Mazzarella (reeds), Dan Phillips (guitar), Avreeayl Ra (percussion), Mike Reed (percussion), Mars Williams (reeds/toys), and Michael Zerang (percussion) at Constellation in Chicago. 

12.28.2016-  DKV Trio

Closed out the year by recording two sets of DKV Trio (Hamid Drake-percussion, Kent Kessler-bass, Ken Vandermark-reeds) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.