June 2017

06.07.2017-  Volcano Radar,  Aravena, Nunez

Recorded two sets by Volcano Radar (Ernie Adams-percussion, Harrison Bankhead-bass, Elbio Barilari-electric guitars/electric viola/reeds/trumpet/percussion, Stephen Burns-brass, Julia Miller-electric guitar/synthesizer) with vocalist Patricia Nunez and flamenco dancer Leticia Aravena at Constellation in Chicago.

06.15.2017-  Lightbox Orchestra

Recorded two sets by Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra (Fred Lonberg-Holm-compositions/conductor, Keefe Jackson-reeds, Russ Johnson-trumpet, Peter Maunu-electric guitar/mandolin/violin, Nick Macri-bass, Jen Clare Paulson-viola, Charles Rumback-drums, Mars Williams-reeds/toys, Aaron Zarzutzki-electronics) at Elastic in Chicago.

06.19.2017-  Coaxum Quintet

Recorded two sets by the Quentin Coaxum Quintet (Quentin Coaxum-compositions/trumpet/electronics, Xavier Breaker-drums, Dustin Laurenzi-sax, Stu Mindeman-keyboard, Andrew Vogt-bass) at The Whistler in Chicago.

06.23.2017-  Wooley

Recorded a solo set by Nate Wooley (trumpet) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.

06.23.2017-  Vandermark

Recorded a solo set by Ken Vandermark (reeds) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.

06.23.2017-  Vandermark, Wooley

Recorded a set by Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Nate Wooley (trumpet) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.

06.25.2017-  Chicago Edge Ensemble

Recorded two sets by the Chicago Edge Ensemble (Jeb Bishop-trombone, Hamid Drake-drums, Krzysztof Pabian- bass, Dan Phillips-electric guitar, Mars Williams-reeds/toys) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago.

06.29.2017-  Dream Stuff

Recorded two sets of Avreeayl Ra’s Dream Stuff (Avreeayl Ra-drums/flute, Jim Baker-piano/synthesizer/viola, Peter Maunu-electric guitar/mandolin/violin, Jason Roebke-bass, Edward Wilkerson-reeds) at Elastic in Chicago.