October 2017

10.16.2017-  Piet

Recorded a set by Matt Piet (piano) at Elastic in Chicago.

10.16.2017-  Daisy, Rempis

Recorded a set by Tim Daisy (percussion) and Dave Rempis (saxes) at Elastic in Chicago.

10.22.2017-  Chicago Composers Orchestra

Recorded the two-set performance of five pieces by the Chicago Composers Orchestra at Constellation in Chicago.

10.26.2017-  Piet Trio

Recorded two sets by the Matt Piet Trio (Matt Piet-piano, Tim Daisy-percussion, Dave Rempis-saxes) at Elastic in Chicago.

10.27.2017-  Adams, Adrade, Van Duerm

Recorded a set by Alexander Adams (drums), Danny Andrade (sax), and Danny Van Duerm (keyboard) at Elastic in Chicago.

10.27.2017-  Baker, Giallorenzo, Kirshner, Zarzutzki

Recorded a set by Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Paul Giallorenzo (synthesizer), Julian Kirshner (drums), and Aaron Zarzutzki (clarinet/electronics) at Elastic in Chicago.

10.27.2017-  Mute Duo
Recorded a set by Mute Duo (Skyler Rowe-percussion, Sam Wagster-pedal steel), who were joined by spoken word artist Dmitry Samarov at Elastic in Chicago.