February 2018

02.10.2018- Twin Talk

Recorded a studio session with Twin Talk (Katie Ernst-bass/vocals, Andrew Green-drums, Dustin Laurenzi-sax) at True Productions in Chicago.

02.11.2018- Marker

Recorded two sets by Marker (Ken Vandermark-reeds, Andrew Clinkman-electric guitar, Steve Marquette-acoustic guitar, Macie Stewart-violin/keyboards, Phil Sudderberg-drums) at Hungry Brain in Chicago.

02.12.2018- Berman, Piet, Roebke

Recorded a set by Josh Berman (cornet), Matt Piet (piano), and Jason Roebke (bass) at Elastic in Chicago.

02.15.2018- Dillingham Quintet

Recorded two sets by the Christian Dillingham Quintet (Christian Dillingham-bass, Jeremy Cunningham-drums, Matt Gold-guitar, Nick Mazzarella-sax, Dan Pierson-piano) at Constellation in Chicago.

02.21.2018- Dikeman, Drake

Recorded a set by John Dikeman (tenor sax) and Hamid Drake (drums) at Slate Arts & Performance in Chicago.