November 2018

11.04.2018- Wicker Park Choral Singers

Recorded the two set performance of the Wicker Park Choral Singers, featuring soloist Anna VanDeKerchove, at St. Ignatius Church in Chicago.

11.09.2018- Ensemble Chartreuse, Lundberg, McCowen, Packard

Recorded the two set performance of Ryan Packard’s I Haven’t Been, featuring
Ensemble Chartreuse (Carrie Frey-viola, Myra Hinrichs-violin, Helen Newby-cello) with Rob Lundberg (bass/electronics), John McCowen (contrabass clarinet), and Ryan Packard (drums/synthesizers) at High Concept Labs in Chicago.

11.16.2018- Bearl

Recorded  a studio session with Bearl (Adam Gabbert-guitar, Erik Sowa-drums) at Elastic in Chicago.

11.16.2018- Fonema Consort

Recorded  a set by Fonema Consort (Dalia Chin-flute, Nina Dante-voice,
Ryan Packard-percussion, Jonathan Thompson-oboe, Daniel Walden-piano) at Elastic in Chicago.

11.18.2018- Daisy, M. Johnson, R. Johnson

Recorded two sets by Tim Daisy (percussion), Max Johnson (bass), and Russ Johnson (trumpet) at Hungry Brain in Chicago.

11.20.2018- The Few

Recorded a set by The Few (Charlie Kirchen-bass, Steve Marquette-guitar,
Macie Stewart-violin/voice) at The Hideout in Chicago.

11.20.2018- The Bridge

Recorded a set by The Bridge (Josh Berman-cornet, Edward Perraud-drums,
Didier Petit-cello, Jason Stein-bass clarinet) at The Hideout in Chicago.

11.28.2018- Marquette

Recorded a set by Steve Marquette (guitars) at Constellation in Chicago.

11.28.2018- Ernst, Gay, Hatcher, Jackson, Kirshner

Recorded a set by Katie Ernst (bass), Ben Lamar Gay (trumpet), Gerrit Hatcher (sax/compositions), Keefe Jackson (sax), and Julian Kirshner (drums) at Constellation in Chicago.