April 2019

04.05.2019- Damon, Fraser, Weinberg

Recorded a set by Tyler Damon (drums), Henry Fraser (bass), and Sam Weinberg (sax) at Slate Arts + Performance in Chicago.

04.05.2019- Berman, Heinemann, Sudderberg

Recorded a set by Josh Berman (cornet), Jakob Heinemann (bass), and
Phil Sudderberg (drums) at Slate Arts + Performance in Chicago.

04.10.2019- Lopez, Packard, Rempis

Recorded a set by Brandon Lopez (bass), Ryan Packard (percussion/electronics), and
Dave Rempis (saxes) at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center.

04.28.2019- Baker, Erb, Hunt

Recorded two sets by Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer), Christoph Erb (sax), and
Steve Hunt (drums) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago.