December 2014

12.12.2014-  Abrams, Reid, Rempis

Record a set by Joshua Abrams (bass), Tomeka Reid (cello), and Dave Rempis (reeds) at Constellation in Chicago. 

12.12.2014-  Brown, Gratkowski, Winant

Recorded one set by the trio of Chris Brown (piano/electronics), Frank Gratkowski (reeds), and William Winant (vibes/percussion) at Constellation in Chicago. 

12.14.2014-  Witches & Devils

Recorded two sets of Witches & Devils (Jim Baker-piano/synthesizer, Josh Berman-cornet, Jeb Bishop-trombone, Steve Hunt-percussion, Kent Kessler-bass, Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello/trumpet, Brian Sandstrom-bass/guitar/trumpet, Mars Williams-reeds) at The Hungry Brain in Chicago.

12.21.2014-  DKV Trio

Recorded two sets of DKV Trio (Hamid Drake-percussion, Kent Kessler-bass, Ken Vandermark-reeds) at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee.