May 2015

05.04.2015-  Extraordinary Popular Delusions & Guests

Recorded two sets of improvised music by Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Jim Baker-piano/synthesizer, Steve Hunt-percussion, Brian Sandstrom-bass/guitar/trumpet, Mars Williams-reeds/toys) at Beat Kitchen in Chicago.  During the first set, the group was joined by Samuel Silvant (percussion) and Antonin Tri-Hoang (sax).  After that, Jean-Luc Capozzo (trumpet), Douglas Ewart (reeds), Bernard Santacruz (bass), and Wolter Weirbos (trombone) joined the full ensemble. 

05.14.2015-  Johnston, Ochs, Rempis

Recorded two sets of Darren Johnston (trumpet), Larry Ochs (reeds), and Dave Rempis (reeds) at Elastic in Chicago.

05.15.2015-  Jazz Occurrence 5

Recorded the fifth installment of Lew Achenbach’s Jazz Occurrence series at the Pierce Art Center in Aurora.  The Latin Jazz Occurrence featured Harrison Bankhead (bass), Jean-Christophe Leroy (percussion), Avreeayl Ra (percussion), and James Sanders (violin), as Lew Achenbach and Lisa Flahive created visual art. 

05.21.2015-  Davis Orchestra

Recorded a studio session with the Owen Davis Orchestra at DePaul University in Chicago.  The ensemble featured a solo bass clarinet, string quartet, woodwind quartet, a brass quartet, and two percussionists.

05.22.2015-  Abrams Natural Information Society

Recorded two sets of Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society (Joshua Abrams-compositions/bass/guimbri, Lisa Alvarado-harmonium/gong, Mikel Avery-drums, Ben Boye-autoharp/pianet, Hamid Drake-percussion, Emmett Kelly-electric guitar, and Frank Rosaly-drums) at Constellation in Chicago.