April 2018

04.19.2018- Spectral

Recorded two sets by Spectral (Darren Johnston-trumpet, Larry Ochs-reeds, and Dave Rempis-saxes) at Elastic in Chicago.

04.25.2018- Gay, Kirchen, Kirshner, Stewart

Recorded a set by Ben Lamar Gay (cornet), Charlie Kirchen (bass), Julian Kirshner (drums), and Macie Stewart (violin/vocal) at Slate Arts + Performance in Chicago.

04.25.2018- Collector

Recorded a set by Collector (Matt Blair-piano/rhodes/electronics, Devin Drobka-drums, Jakob Heinemann-bass) at Slate Arts + Performance in Chicago.

04.29.2018- Downers Grove Choral Society

Recorded the two-set performance of the Downers Grove Choral Society, featuring pieces composed by Paul Scherer, at the First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove.