May 2018

05.04.2018- Daisy

Recorded a studio session with Tim Daisy (percussion) in Chicago.

05.05.2018- Chicago Composers Orchestra

Recorded the two-set performance of the Chicago Composers Orchestra (conducted by Allen Tinkham), with the Wicker Park Choral Singers at St. James Cathedral in Chicago.

05.06.2018- Daisy, Pabian, Rempis

Recorded a studio session with Tim Daisy (percussion), Krzysztof Pabian (bass), and Dave Rempis (saxes) at Elastic in Chicago.

05.07.2018- Abrams, McPhee, Taylor

Recorded a set by Joshua Abrams (bass/guimbri), Joe McPhee (sax/trumpet), and Chad Taylor (percussion) at Elastic in Chicago.

05.10.2018- Baker, Maunu

Recorded a set by Jim Baker (piano/synthesizer) and Peter Maunu (electric guitar/mandolin/violin) at Elastic in Chicago.

05.10.2018- Errata

Recorded a set by Errata (Ishmael Ali-guitar, Bill Harris-drums, Eli Namay-bass) at Elastic in Chicago.

05.12.2018- Gay, Giallorenzo

Recorded Ben Lamar Gay (trumpet/percussion) and Paul Giallorenzo (piano/composition) as they scored the 1919 silent film Within Our Gates at Elastic in Chicago.

05.27.2018- Artemis Vocal Ensemble, Spenner

Recorded two sets by the Artemis Vocal Ensemble (Alyssa Anderson, Alia Grace, Tara Loeper, Elizabeth Windinagel), with Justin Anthony Spenner at Elastic in Chicago.